About us

Our Mission

HBYFC aims to package an athletic program combining energy, exercise, atmosphere, personal responsibility, and excellence.  Our number one goal for our players and cheerleaders is to gain confidence and love of their sport.  We accomplish all of this through practices, community events, games, tournaments, and competitions.  We hope to aid in shaping your football player or cheerleader in a positive manner.

Zoned Schools: rising 1st - 6th grade

  • Bluff Park Elementary
  • Brock's Gap Intermediate
  • Bumpus Middle School
  • Deer Valley Elementary
  • Green Valley Elementary
  • Gwin Elementary

Zoned Schools

  • Green Valley Elementary
  • South Shades Crest Elementary
  • Trace Crossings Elementary
  • Prince of Peace**
  • Home School**

**Must be zoned for one of the above schools**

What People are saying about Hoover BUCS Youth Football & Cheer

Hoover BUCS Youth Cheer gave my daughter the opportunity to make friends with girls her age from other schools, learn teamwork, and was a great confidence builder! It was overall a great experience! We can't wait for next season!

 - Parent of a 1st grade Cheerleader

Positive coaching all around. It was so nice to see so many adults volunteer to teach the kids a new sport. In other sports leagues, it sometimes feels like the coaches are doing it just because someone has to and their kid wants to play. In this league, it seems that everyone really wanted to be out there whether or not they had a kid invested in the sport. 

- Parent of 6th grade Football Player

This will be my daughter's 3rd year of cheerleading, she absolutely LOVES it!! It has totally boosted her confidence level and proved to herself what she can do out on the field. We love our cheer family!

- Parent of a 5th grade Cheerleader